London Power Tunnels 2

Contract awarded to Hochtief Murphy JV

National Grid awardedHochtief-Murphy JV the contract to deliver tunnelling and shaft work for the LPT2 project’s second phase. The £400 million contract which began work in March 2020 will last for six years. Hochtief and Murphy have a long history of collaborating on large projects, including the Channel Tunnel Rail Link and the Crossrail Thames Tunnel.

Vital infrastructure for London’s rising energy demands

The London Power Tunnels project’s first phase was completed in 2018 to meet London’sever-rising electricity consumption. The capital was effectively “re-connected” from Hackney in the east to Willesden in the west, and from Kensal Green to Wimbledon through the use of vast underground tunnels. There were fewer disturbances thanks to the underground tunnels, and the increased electricity capacity meant London had more renewable energy production from offshore wind farms connected to the southeast grid.

LPT2 – the second phase to rewire London

LPT2, the eight-year, £1 billion project will see the construction of a 32.5-kilometre tunnel that will include 200km of 400kV cables 30 metres underground, with the installation of cables via a monorail that runs along the tunnel ceiling. The new cables will replace three circuits that now run beneath the ground between Wimbledon and Crayford in the southwest and southeast, respectively.

Several substations will be connected throughout the city, and an underground tunnel cable network will be installed to avoid disruption to surrounding communities and the population in general when future repair and maintenance work is required.

The overall project is expected to be completed by 2026, with the works being split into three circuits and replacing three sections of existing power transmission cables that currently run under the surface of local roads.

Tunnel Routes

  • Circuit 1, 12km Wimbledon to New Cross, is expected to be operational by 2025
  • Circuit 2, 18km New Cross to Hurst, will be operational by 2026
  • Circuit 3, 2.5km Hurst to Crayford, will be operational by 2024.

Transforge (UK) Ltd

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